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Marian College Multimodal Spoke

This IBJ story is one week old, yet I’m just now getting around to posting it. It’s a great idea. The largest downside that I see is that 38th Street is basically a freeway at that point, which does not lend itself well to buses or bikes.
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Mass Ave’s 400 Block

Mass Ave’s 400 Block is an excellent example of the possibilities for the future. The amount of stores located in such a small area is staggering, and yet there are still a few surface parking lots on the street, as well as a pocket park. Most of the businesses are Indianapolis-based (the only exception would be the Starbucks). Here’s a rundown for the uninitiated or visitors: South SideOld Point Tavern. One of Indy’s oldest bars, and a good place to get chili on a cold night.Mass Ave Toy Store. Quality selection of toys (even some that are not plastic!).Luna Music. Great...
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Randomly Miscellaneous (EDIT with new info)

A few tidbits: There’s now a large sign for the Uptown Development at 50th and College. The sign features a rendering that is quite different for the one on the web page. The building looks to be a solid two-story structure. I still don’t know how I feel about this particular project. The sign also mentioning striving for LEED, which is interesting, because I’m not sure how “green” it is to take out 3 houses that were designed to last the ages. But, of course, I’m also pro-density and walkability. If this was a corner building at 49th and College that would...
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Wabash and Peru

I spent Thanksgiving Day in Wabash, Indiana, and was able to take some downtown shots before I left.  I love this town as it is built on the side of a hill, which might be unique in Indiana.Here’s a shot of the hill:  It is more impressive in person than in picture. The famous Courthouse, where the city placed an electric light at the top and lit the city over a hundred years ago. I spent Thanksgiving night in the nearby town of Peru, home of Cole Porter, and lots of clowns.  The Circus Hall of Fame is here.I love this little stretch:Cole Porter’s birth place: Oldest structure in...
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