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17th and Bellefontaine

Ah, the old corner store.  This is the building that you always see old photographs, where the man is dressed up with a tie and apron, standing on the corner; and a boy is sweeping the sidewalk.  This is on the northwest corner of 17th and Bellefontaine on the near north side: There’s also another small building next door. On the northeast corner, this building probably has an interesting story: I’d love to see what’s behind the siding on this building in the Southwest corner:The southeast corner is an empty...
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Snapshot Part 2

This is the second (here’s the first) in an extremely intermittent series inspired by the book Suburban Nation. This photo is from the 2008 Aerial photography. Notice how much wider the residential street is than the main artery. Streets are developed this way for emergency management, unfortunately to the detriment of everyday living. And, add in that mindlessly wandering, confusing streets aren’t exactly the greatest for emergency management to begin with. At least the neighborhood has a sidewalk; but then, the walkers can’t really get anywhere...
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New Option for Eating Locally

Locally Grown Gardens is now serving food on a daily basis. Awesome.
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Randomly Miscellaneous

Sorry for the light posting lately. I hope to have another “corner” post later in the week which will feature a fun little building. A New Urbanism proponent will speak at A Monumental Affair on Thursday. Getting business leaders and the mayor on board with this is an important step. Now, about those zoning laws….. Is it time for a “Green New Deal?” I say “yes, and hopefully it’s not coming too late.” The Urbanophile’s series on the new airport is killer. Also, check out his new project Naptown Observer. A few more choice new blogs have...
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Election Post

I have tried to avoid being overly political on this blog. I aim to appeal to people of all political persuasions, because I feel that the issues that I post about do not need to be seen through a partisan lens. However, I must say that the prospects for a sustainable Indianapolis have improved now that we will have a President who is a friend to transit, green power, and cities in general. I am proud of my state and city. I hope this moment is not just an end to an inherent anti-urban bias in our national politics; but that it is also a beginning towards a common realization that we really...
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