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Oliver and Warren

This is an offset corner, so I had to take some liberties with it. It seems that Hoffa’s Silver Cafe has been renamed Fatso’s. I’m glad they didn’t remove that great sign, though. These are on the south side.  I love these buildings: Back to the north...
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Choose your own Corner

I’ve been meticulously documenting new corners in the past few weeks. There are many more out there than I had originally thought. So many that I’m having a tough time deciding which one to post tonight. So, I need your help via Google Street View. Here’s 3:Oliver and Warren (make sure you go a little east on Oliver)Harding and RoacheEugene and Rader Don’t worry, I have discovered many, many more than that. This is just what I’ve boiled it down to for now.
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The end of an Era

Today, the Indygo Board approved another fare hike. This was expected, even though it is sad. However, something I didn’t expect comes at the end of this article: The Red Line will now be a full fare service. As someone who works downtown but also works for IUPUI, this is highly disappointing. I viewed the free circulating buses as a huge step forward for public transportation in this city. So, so long free Red Line. I will miss you.
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More from the Star on Transit

Two new articles on the Star about transit and walkability have popped up this morning. This, from a New Urbanism proponent, as well as this editorial.
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Straight Outta Dwell?

This new house is on Cornell Ave (just north of 16th Street). It reminds me of something that would be on the cover of Dwell Magazine? However, I’m not even close to a design expert. What are your thoughts about this house?  I probably should have used low-light settings on my camera.  Hopefully you can get a good feel for...
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