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Randomly Miscellaneous

A few links to start the week. PBS has a great new series on infrastructure in America, starting with this video on exurbia vs. smart growth. Thundermutt linked me to the latest info on the Food Co-op on the Near East Side. I’ve already voted. Find out more about early voting on this page. Social Media
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SustainIndy Initiative

The Mayor has launched a new initiative to increase the role of sustainable planning in Indianapolis. Obviously, this is great news. The Star has more details. Social Media
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Urban Planning Scholar Series

Here’s something I just stumbled upon: A series of panels discussing sustainable design in Indianapolis. More info here. Social Media
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Bates Hendricks House

This is the 3rd of 3 unrelated picture posts. I found this by accident near the East and Lincoln intersection, as the tower was peaking up in the background just a block away. See here and here for the first 2 posts.  This is a great old house: The neighborhood has gone under recent renovations (as posted about here.)  I found this horse sculpture made from tires pretty interesting. Social Media ...
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East Street and Lincoln

Finally! An intersection with 4 buildings that hug the corner.  This is on the Near South Side. Northeast Corner:Southeast Corner: Southwest Corner: Northwest Corner: Social Media ...
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