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Great Article on Urban Times

The Urban Times has posted an article on Indy’s original urban pioneers in Lockerbie Square. I have a great admiration for these people that took a chance on downtown living, at a time when it was so daunting. One part that was surprising to me was that in the 1970’s, the neighborhood brought in historic structures to fill in the vacant lots. I may have to see if I can tell which structures are not native to the neighborhood on my next walk through the Square.
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Spirit and Place Festival

The Spirit and Place Festival starts this weekend, and there are several programs of interest to the goals of this blog. I have added them to the calendar. I’m planning on going to the IMAGINE-Nation session, and I might add more to my personal schedule.
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Hoosiers want better mass transit

Great news from a recent poll posted on the Indy Star. I actually find the numbers quite shocking.
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Feedback post: What do you want to see?

I’m curious about reader preferences on this blog. Here’s a mini survey. Please rate your preferences 1-5 for each topic, and go in to as much detail as you would like. Which topics would you like to see covered in greater detail? Alternative Transportation (i.e. mass transit, bicycles, walkability) Green Initiatives (i.e. recycling, green buildings, renewable power) Photo Blogs Observational Pieces Local Food/Businesses Infill Development Next, a general question: Are there any other topics that you would like to see discussed that have not been offered on Urban Indy? Thanks everyone for...
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Indy’s Green Progress

Indianapolis has been ramping up Green projects lately. Here’s a sampling: The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce has a Green Business Initiative. The Chamber is also planning a trip to Denver to study Mass Transit and Regional Cooperation. From yesterday’s Star: A Downtown hotel wants to power itself with the aid of the sun. Our long-term bike lane plan, posted by benjaminooo over on Skyscraper City. A common sense solution to sewer filtration. There has to be more out there that I’m not familiar with. I believe that there is a growing sense that we can not continue down...
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