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Urban Times: Mixed-Use is Historical

This article is exactly the reason that Urban Times has been such a staple of this blog. It (gently) breaks up the argument that often arises when a new project is proposed in a historic neighborhood. Of course, this should be somewhat obvious even without the Sandborn maps (which are great). Historic neighborhoods near downtown were settled before the age of the automobile, so people needed goods and services near their doorsteps. It stands to reason that mixed-use buildings were an integral part of the neighborhoods. And I hope they can be so...
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Train Recap

We had a neat trip to DC. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. First up: Our own Union Station. Love the old benches: Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is actually an oncoming train: Let’s see: Janitor with broom, or devil with pitchfork? State-of-the-art Room Dimming Device. The conductor placed Emergency Instructions in an overhead light for us sleepers, because we boarded past midnight. First light, in Ashland Kentucky. Starts out as a very gray day: Ashland’s pretty big: We stopped in Huntington and Charleston, but I couldn’t take any decent pictures there. ...
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