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Bonus Weekend Picture Post

I took these on my way back from my bicycle trip to 34th and Illinois.  This is Pennsylvania Avenue, between 34th and 38th...
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34th and Illinois

This corner has long piqued my interest. The star of the show is the former Ritz Theatre (shown here in its heyday), a bit north of 34th Street: Southeast corner: Southwest Corner, including a still-operating cleaners: More buildings along 34th Street. Man, I loved mini-putt as a kid: The northeast corner has a non-descript building that is off of the street...
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The Importance of Fountain Square

Fountain Square is, in my estimation, the most intact section of historic, dense, multi-use buildings in Indianapolis. Fountain Square has really come along well in the past decade, and every time I visit, I find something new. And the great thing is, even though I’ve visited it often, I know that I have not seen everything the neighborhood has to offer. Broad Ripple, Mass Ave, and the Canal are promoted more heavily than Fountain Square. Imagine if that changed, and FS starts to draw in tourists who rent a bike and head down the Cultural Trail. Would that dampen the edginess and creativity...
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SOLAR young adults group

SOLAR, a new group formed by Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful, is built on the foundation of community service. I’m posting it on the blog for anyone who may be interested in joining.
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Randomly Miscellaneous

Apologies for the light posting recently. Here are some things that I’ve missed: New Indiana Living Green Magazine. New Carfree Times. The Urbanophile may fear to tread here. Actually, I’m just teasing him, and I agree with his stance that Monument Circle works pretty well as it is. I would like to see more street-level retail, though. Have added a link to the Health by Design website. IBJ makes a case for supporting the arts and parks. I personally would hate to see the positive motion of Indy’s arts scene stalled. Some pretty nifty looking new restaurants: Zing, Adobo...
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