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Smart Growth Redevelopment Plan

I have obtained an exciting new plan (pdf warning) for redevelopment focused on the area near 22nd and the Monon. This plan, as you could guess, hits on all of the mantras of this blog: infill, green development, pedestrian-oriented, and transit-oriented. The plan also mentions the new Charter School at 22nd and Yandes, which is amazingly set to open in 3 weeks. This building was a mere shell when I posted about it back in late June. There are a number of challenges with this area, including several toxic dumps, which is why this was put forth by the Brownfield Committee. There is a meeting about...
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Skyscraper City Photo Threads

I’ll take a bit of a detour from Indy-related posts here to mention some of my favorite photographic threads over on Skyscraper City. These are just a few pics from the first page of the forum, the site is chock full of photo goodness. You could get lost for hours on this webpage if you’re not...
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More Fun With Zoning

In a fine example of the problem with our current zoning standards, commenter Graeme has posted this notice of a possible demolition of a historic structure for a parking lot, as well as this long IHP report. The zoning standards sadly encourage this. Fortunately, there looks to be a compromise solution to reconfigure a current parking lot, which could provide more spaces than the lot currently provides. The oblique aerial photograph on page 31 of the staff report shows that there is quite a large parking lot already at the facility, so this may be possible. However, that compromise solution will...
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Time for local love

The latest Indianapolis Monthly has a depressing cover for fans of local food. I haven’t talked much about local food or businesses lately, and this article has re-motivated me. Here’s a few places I’ve been recently that I recommend: Taiwan Tea House. I have to say that it is the best Chinese place I’ve visited in Indy. I don’t get to Castleton much, but now if I happen to get stuck there I have a go-to place. Zest. This gem is only a few blocks from my house, and do they ever serve some rocket fuel for coffee. Great breakfasts. Brugge. Can’t go wrong with...
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