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On vacation for a week

Time to research the state of passenger rail in America…
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52nd Street Bike Lanes

Back in February, I noted the 52nd Street (and 46th Street) bike lanes. After finally riding down the lane yesterday, I will give it a partial thumbs-up. Having ridden down 52nd Street before the lane was created, I certainly did feel safer with the lane than without it. My largest complaint comes with the west-bound lane at the S-curve that suddenly ends without any signs or other indicators. I did not ride the lane all of the way to Keystone, so I’m not sure of how it ends towards that massive car-based avenue. All-in-all, though, the lane is a nice gesture, and a good use of the street. I...
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CSA Review

This year we were enrolled in two Community Supported Agriculture programs: Basic Roots and Nature’s Harvest Organics. It has been interesting to see how different they are. Basic Roots delivers to our door monthly, and specializes in hard-to-find and heirloom products, as well as some other “finished” products such as local cottage cheese, bread, syrup, spice mixes, etc. The quality has been stellar. Nature’s Harvest is where we get the “basics”, and as the name mentions, it is all organic. They deliver to a pick-up place near our house once a week. Again, good...
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Fab For Less

This weekend will feature a tour of three newly restored homes in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood. The restoration is courtesy of SEND’s Fab For Less Program. The website’s nicest feature are the three informational videos. This is the fourth year of the program, and this is their largest project Further, according to NUVO, a group of artists redecorated the houses using found materials and just $1500. It should be an exciting event to attend for...
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18th and Montcalm

One of my favorite parts of living in a place with some history is finding buildings that hug street corners , especially ones that are not on major thoroughfares. This first scene is not far outside of downtown, yet it almost seems rural:Believe it or not, a bus comes to this corner, as you can kinda see by the back of the sign on the pole. I saw a bus stop here, so I definitely believe it. If you’re wondering, the other two corners are empty lots. I hope to feature more of Indy’s somewhat forgotten corners in the...
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