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Indy Fantasy Land

Time to indulge in a Strange Maps-style posting. As a life-long map geek, this map from the Skyscraper City forum was quite exciting to me. The map does not mention which mode of transport this is, so that is left to the reader. I’m going with a subway, because I can’t imagine something of this scale above the ground. Map notes: Union Station is not the hub, in fact, there is no true hub. Perhaps the four main downtown stations suggests that that loop will connect with a bus route similar to the sadly defunct blue line. The light gray and mustard yellow routes would probably not...
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The Pickens Plan

T. Boone Pickens has released a video and plan for our energy future. It certainly looks interesting. I have a few issues with this: 1. Natural Gas is still a non-renewable fossil fuel.2. Can the auto-makers, which seem slow to adjust to changes, update their fleets? However, I also think there are some good points here:1. Wind power can help rural America. Also, Pickens doesn’t mention this, but there are also some exciting new technologies where smaller vortex-like turbines can be placed on the tops of buildings in the cities.2. This section: “In 1970, we imported 24% of our oil.Today...
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Downtown Carmel

My wife and I took a bike ride up to Carmel on Sunday.  Carmel seems to ignite firestorms on Indy-related blogs.  I just think it’s a nice termination for a bike ride. This building may be a bit too much, but they’ve still put quite a bit of thought into it. This is a continuation of the above building: There is a bit of history on Main Street.  I like the color of this brick. I really like this:Some more history.  I’m guessing this was a general store: If this building was proposed in Indy, would you look forward to it?  I know I would: On the other side of...
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A little Pre-Holiday Inspiration

Streetsblog has posted an excellent 10-minute long video on Copenhagen’s evolution towards a more livable city. Enjoy.
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Harmoni Midtown

The Indianapolis Business Journal has an article about a new project known as Harmoni. Possibly taking their cue from Project for Public Spaces, the group’s intent is to reclaim neighborhoods from speeding vehicles to make them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. 3 of their first 4 proposals focus on North Meridian Street (the 4th is at 39th and Illinois). The group even has a longer term goal of adding a streetcar in the area. I’ve added their upcoming meeting to my calender if you’re looking for more...
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