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Link thread: That 10th Street post seemed to garner a lot of interest, and I was led to this link. That link eventually led me to these grand plans for East Washington Street, as well as this. The internet is cool. A new Urban Times is out. The print version led me to this project at 22nd and Talbott St. How messed up is it that the project has to apply for a variance in order to build a structure that is similar in size to the one that was torn down? Also, the Fringe Festival will restore the structure for their new home. I’m very glad this festival has been so successful. A...
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East 10th Street

10th Street, from Woodruff Place to Sherman Drive, might be the longest stretch of dense semi-commercial development in Indianapolis. It does not have the best reputation for safety; however, during my walk, the street was alive with activity. I have always wanted to feature it on this blog, as I feel it has great potential, as long as it isn’t abandoned. The new community center. I like the integration of the bus stop with the building: Community Center’s Extension, which is an historic apartment. Across the street: More of the community center building: Just beautiful: I like...
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Can Do Neighborhood Initiative

I found this flyer at Yat’s at 54th and College. This looks like the same group that is working on the Uptown project; however, at a larger scale. I’ve commented on my mixed feelings on this project before, but I must admit that I’m a sucker for their optimism. The flyer includes a tiny rendering that is new to me, and it looks to be a larger building than is shown on the website. The older commercial building that faces 49th Street has been painted recently, which is interesting because I believe the developer plans to take it down. It is interesting that they push for an IPD...
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Riding the Rails to DC

This is the time of year when wanderlust tends to kick in for me. I looked back on my calender and notice that I haven’t traveled for more than a weekend. However, this year, I finally decided to put my money where my blog is and reserve tickets on Amtrak. I look forward to taking pictures of some rarely-seen scenes in Indy, such as actually boarding a train. The train heads to Cincinnati, then down the Kentucky side of the Ohio river valley, and down the New River Gorge in West Virginia before heading into Virginia near the Shenandoah Valley. The trip will end for us in Washington DC, where...
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A Sense of Place in South Indianapolis

A strange phenomenon that I have noticed is the propensity of Indy citizens to refer to almost everything south of Troy Avenue as “Greenwood.” This may be because a driver down US 31 or Meridian Streets will not notice much of a difference once they cross the county line, so that it blurs together. However, there are many other cases in Indianapolis where the county line is blurred, and you rarely hear of the Marion county portion of the west side as “Avon” or the north side as “Carmel”. The west side is generally just called the “west side”, whereas...
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