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New Harmony

Last weekend, my wife and I honeymooned in the tiny town of New Harmony, Indiana. The town has a history that is unique to this state, and much of that history has been preserved to this day. Downtown is fairly typical as far as historic retail architecture goes; however, the businesses and buildings are in much better shape due to the infusion of tourist dollars. In nearly every direction from the main intersection, there is a cluster of 2-story wooden or brick houses that date back almost 200 years. The tour that we took was informative, and we toured a “singles dormitory”, where the...
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Going Solar

Indiana Living Green Magazine has an article about Solar products for home use. It has some good pointers, as well as the people to contact if you’re looking into this option like I am. I might even put my $600 refund check from the government towards installation. Have any of the readers tried a solar panel? Should I wait until the price comes down more, and the technology improves? Solar-powered water heaters are all over Turkey, so it’s not really a new concept, but it is out of the norm for this...
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Encouraging stuff on Mass Transit (update)

Over on Skyscraper City, the indispensable Cory Wilson has posted a beautiful nugget on Mass Transit here in Indianapolis. It looks like they are taking the most obvious route for now: down the Nickel Plate line, and ending in Union Station. (An anecdote: At the meeting I attended for Mass Transit, I was sitting next to an older gentleman. When the presenter mentioned that the city will need to locate the station downtown. He turned to me and said “how about Union Station?” I certainly agreed with that.) I’m glad that Mayor Ballard has turned his interest in this direction...
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