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Urban Indy devolves into a link-fest

A whole lotta interesting reads are floating around the internet(s) recently. It’s part of my job to share them with you. A killer-good post on From: Brown To: Green about, well, pretty much everything. Newsflash: Indianapolis has pretty dirty air. Judging by most of the comments on the article, most of us are saying “bring on the dirt!” It certainly makes the efforts of blogs like this one look futile. Urban Times Newsletter tells us that Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful is set to open their new “green” headquarters on June 12. Exciting stuff for Fountain...
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Indy Star gives us a wake-up call

This editorial is quite appropriate here for my 100th blog post. The whole thing was beautiful to wake up to on a Tuesday after a 3-day weekend, but here are some choice quotes: “On the individual level, this means conservation. Switch to a compact car. Reduce and consolidate trips. Join a carpool. Ride a bike. Take the bus. Walk.” “When frustration and outright hardship over gas prices reach a certain breaking point, the developers of homes, malls, offices and factories may feel a pull back toward the central city from which so much wealth has been drained via suburban sprawl. In...
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Locally Grown Gardens

This is the new market that I mentioned earlier at 54th and the Monon owned by Ron Harris. He hopes to be open 7 days a week, year round. Here are some other blog posts about it: Middle West Meals, and Going...
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3 relevant articles, and an editorial

The ebb-and-flow of information has been interesting to watch. After a bit of a lull in pertinent information, both the Star and the Indianapolis Business Journal have posted lengthy articles. The wind farm in Benton County is now online. It is the first commercial-sized wind farm in the state. Possible buyer’s remorse over the push for ethanol. An editorial of possible benefits of higher gas prices. Unfortunately, the editorial does not mention a biggie: energy conservation. I’ve saved the most exciting article for last. The Indianapolis Business Journal has a lengthy article...
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Randomly Miscellaneous

I’ve been pretty lax with updating the blog lately. Hopefully I can catch up with some of the stuff I have missed. CAC presents Living Green presentations and workshops. Commuters are starting to hop on their bikes to cope with higher gas prices. There’s a new market selling local produce in our neighborhood at 54th and the Monon. I’m not sure of the name, but I plan on visiting it and perhaps taking some pictures soon. My wife says that it is run by a chef, which is always a good sign. The strawberries have been quite tasty. Property Lines posts on the Stutz tower, and the...
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