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Randomly Miscellaneous

Back from a bachelor party road trip to Memphis. A good time was had by all. I liked that Memphis’ Main Street was restricted to trolleys and pedestrians. Their downtown was more pedestrian friendly than Indy, as the streets were narrower and sidewalks were wider. There weren’t a lot of people out and about, however, which makes me wonder if anyone actually lives there. I did not see much of a bicycle presence or infrastructure. Some stuff I missed: A new mixed-use proposal by Buckingham north of the Stokely building on Meridian. Chatham Center is planned to begin construction next...
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A few neighborhood pics

Would the readers of this blog be interested in more of these individual house pictures? These are in Meridian-Kessler, not too far from my...
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Green Week

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that it is “Green Week.” There is a boatload of events, especially this weekend. I will attempt to add them as I find them. I will be out of town this weekend starting Friday, so I can not attend. I’m usually not very enthusiastic about Green Week (or Earth Day), and this year is no different. Network television has been flooded with commercials by oil companies that try to make us feel better about giving them money. Cable channels like the Home and Garden Network feature hyperbolically titled shows like “20 things you can do to...
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Urban Indy passes 1 year anniversary

I just noticed that I’ve been blogging for over a year now. I saw an anniversary post on Property Lines, and figured that my year anniversary should be coming soon. And I found out I’ve already passed it. Oh well. Happy belated anniversary to me. Man, that sounds weird to say. I don’t know how well I’ve kept up with my initial goal. However, this has been a valuable learning process for me. The conversation has been civil, and I have yet to delete a post that wasn’t spam. Thanks to all the contributors who’ve helped out over the past...
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Green Profits

The Guardian has a story about legendary oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, and his massive investment in wind energy in Texas. Featured is an important quote: “Don’t get the idea that I’ve turned green,” Pickens tells the Guardian in the Dallas offices of his new venture Mesa Power. “My business is making money, and I think this is going to make a lot of money.” Here in Indiana, we do not have the wind that west Texas enjoys (I bet they didn’t enjoy it much until now). Nor do we have an ocean, or major geothermal potential, nor a dependable amount of solar power....
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