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The churches of Meridian-Kessler

My last two posts have been downers, time to end the week on a more uplifting note. 56th and Broadway: 57th and Central 52th and Central: 47th and Central: 42nd and Central: Finally, dinner at Indy’s Mecca for good cheap...
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Sometimes, It’s the Little Things

You would be forgiven if you missed this little blurb in the Indianapolis Business Journal on Monday. The blurb is 4 sentences long, but I believe it may say quite a bit about where we are headed. It mentions the rising price of asphalt, which is manufactured from oil. Counties are now looking at the option of returning their rural roads to gravel surfaces. Here in Indianapolis, pothole season has been particularly brutal. The city’s administration is hamstrung by their promise of cutting spending from the budget, which means less money for services such as pothole-filling. Yet even with the...
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Is a Sustainable Indianapolis possible?

I started this blog about a year ago. It started, like many blogs, as a therapeutic exercise. I needed an outlet. Now, I feel it is time to think about the central mission of this blog. It’s written right under the banner:”Dedicated to a sustainable Indianapolis.” With gas prices continuing to rise, it is starting to bring food prices along with them. Investment Banker Matt Simmons on the CNBC show Fast Money believes we’re still on the upslope with regards to the price of oil. The questions are many: Is it already too late for Indianapolis? Are we just too spread out,...
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New Rendering of Mass Ave project

The proposal at the east end of Mass Ave has a new rendering up on Property Lines. There are many things to like about this project as it sits, although I believe the Urbanophile has some legitimate criticism in the comments of the earlier post. However, it fits in well with my mantras: density, mixed-use, and human-scaled. Indy has shown some decent progress on that front with the Maxwell, 3 Mass, 757 Mass, and the Cosmopolitan. It is an encouraging sign that all 4 of those have successfully transitioned from proposal to...
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A couple of links for a slow period.

Gotta love Indiana weather. Nothing like getting teased by a Spring-like weekend day, then to be snapped right back into Winter with wind, ice and snow. Cruel. This article in the Project for Public Spaces is basically a reprint of the one posted on Streetsblog a year ago, but it’s always nice to see our city’s most innovative project get a mention. A view of Indy from Jacksonville. Sometimes it’s difficult for a person to see what they have right in front of them unless they can see the view from someone from a similarly sized city. The article and comments seem quite...
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