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New Events Calendar

I’ve added a primitive events calendar to the page. We’ll see how good I am at updating it. If there are any more relevant events, please let me know and I’ll add them. Also, if you know of a better way to list them, I’m all ears. I would like to sort them by date, but this format is only permitting sorting by alphabet
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Weekend Viewing

Courtesy of The Good City, this speech by Andres Duany should be required viewing. The speech looks like it happened in the early 1990’s, back when the idea of community planning (instead of traffic engineering) was completely revolutionary. My favorite picture is the tract housing adjacent to the strip mall that is separated by a wall, so that even if you can look out your back window right at the store, you have to drive to it. Some of these things seem obvious to people interested in urban planning today; however, sprawl is still being built, so hopefully this information can continue to...
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Bio-Town USA Still Waiting for Boom

This article in the Star updates the Bio-Town USA project in Reynolds, Indiana. It is unfortunate that the state has chosen to go down the path of corn ethanol. It has the double whammy of raising food prices, as well as being a net energy loser. Out of all of the sources with the potential for bio-fuel, corn is less efficient than switchgrass, algae, sugar, and even soybeans. Switchgrass shows some promising potential, however, here is the key: Even if one of the refining technologies is proven commercially viable, Cornell’s Pimentel doubts the biofuels industry will ever dent U.S....
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Proposal to Require Sidewalks

The Star has posted an editorial about a proposal to require sidewalks in Indianapolis. This is a good first step, even if it is sadly belated. However, I hope the city will look to go even further with our antiquated zoning laws. Sidewalks are at their best when they actually interact with buildings instead of parking lots. Until we have a complete streets movement, sidewalks will continue to be a place of last resort, instead of an integral part of daily...
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A few new links:

I’ve added a few new links over the past month or so. I hope the readers of this blog will take advantage of them. Edibles: I can not find a proper link to Edibles in Irvington, but I have heard some good things about this marketplace. CIBA: How could I have not included CIBA?Post-Oil Survival Guide for City Dwelling. I have not delved into this site much, and it focuses on Toronto, but much of the information could apply to Indianapolis as well. The Good City: Fighting the good fight in Fort Wayne, my place of birth, as well as where I attended High School (out in...
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