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IndyGo Express Bus Exceeding Expectations

Or, “words that start with ‘ex'”. Anyways, it has to be seen as a positive sign that the Fishers-to-Indy express bus has been successful. 500 trips a day may not sound like much, but that’s 500 less cars on the road. Also, the demand will allow IndyGo to look in to expanding to other areas. On a personal note, I have taken the bus to work almost every day so far this year. Last weekend I bought gas for the car for the first time since 2007. I’m trying to help the evil oil companies as little as possible. But really, they’re just the dealers, and we are the...
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Snapshots: Cognizant Coffee and FS Theatre

These 2 pics are from last Friday. Hopefully I can start adding more photos as soon as the weather...
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A group known as “Downtown Indianapolis Streetcar Corp.” has quietly formed, and look to study possible routes. Of course, funding will be a tremendous hurdle, but at least people are looking into it. In other IBJ news, they’ve posted an article about Casa Verde. It’s good to see them get some publicity. This may be the shortest post on here yet. Super Tuesday has a grip on my attention at this...
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Thinking outside the box

The Chicago-based Where blog has an interesting and provocative post up concerning the sustainability of cities. In it, he mentions a new project in Madrid called the Air Tree. This project has to be seen to believed. This type of project can help give even hope to a long-term sustainability pessimist like yours truly. Humans are a clever creature indeed. We’re not going to go down without at least trying out some new ideas that give a nod to a changing planet and an energy crisis. Along with the carfree cities movement, I believe some radical notions may soon come to the forefront as we...
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