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Painted Bike Lanes: More harm than good?

DPW is scheduling a public meeting to discuss the implementations of bike lanes on New York and Michigan Streets. This seems like a good thing, but are painted bike lanes safe, or do they just give bikers the illusion of safety? Frequently linked Streetsblog seems to thing the latter. Their solution is physically separated bike lanes. Having seen these all over the place in Amsterdam, I have to admit that they look great there. Now, Indianapolis is not Amsterdam by a long shot, but that does not mean we can not learn from them. The city is looking to diversify our transportation options, which is...
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Randomly Miscellaneous

After a bit of a dry period, quite a few interesting items have come out in the last few days. Urban Times Newsletter continues to rock my world. The articles on the web are nice, but I encourage everyone to try to find the print copy available at various locations downtown. I even read the ads in the paper, as they generally feature smaller local businesses, and there’s almost always one that I’ve never heard of before. It’s a great free resource and it seems to keep improving. The Indianapolis Business Journal has an article and and editorial of note. The editorial features a...
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Local Sustainability Conference tomorrow

This blog has been a bit lax on the reporting of upcoming conferences and events. I intend to make amends. Perhaps I need to add an events feed on the right side of the blog like on Streetsblog? Please let me know if this is of interest to you and I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, there’s a conference tomorrow at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Local Sustainability. I have decided that I should attend.
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2 new buildings in Broad Ripple

These buildings popped up pretty quickly.This is on 65th Street: This is on Westfield next to the Monon Coffee Company: What say ye? Personally, I like the Westfield one better if only because it’s not fronted by a parking lot. ...
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Amtrak Ridership is Up…

So let’s cut the funding. This video from CBS News does a good job of explaining the predicament of passenger rail in the United States. The figures near the end of the piece show some stark numbers: Amtrak receives 1.4 billion dollars per year (the same as it received in 1980), compared to 14.5 billion for air and 30 billion for highways. It almost goes without saying that the current budget put forth by the Bush Administration slashes funding for Amtrak by almost 40 percent. The measure put forth by Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey sounds more reasonable, as he wishes to double...
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