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Faux-nostalgia, or a sign of things to come?

The Indianapolis Business Journal has posted on a project that has been shelved in Madison County called “Simpler Times Village.” The project’s website is quite off-putting, with cartoonish 19th century figures that scream “ye olde shoppes”. However, it must be noted that the idea is not terrible. They would have been built to incorporate small farms. The buildings and streetscapes are human-scaled. Also, the businesses would be locally owned. The fact that this would have been a green field development gets a thumbs down, though. I suspect that a good chunk of...
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Does perception meet reality?

MSN (by way of treehugger.com. Seriously, I hate that domain name) has deemed Indianapolis “a city that needs help getting green”. To be sure, we are following the pack in that area. However, I’m not sure how well researched the blurb is. For instance, there is no mention that each vehicle in our bus fleet has a bicycle rack (something other cities are still fighting for). Also no mention of the projects of Casa Verde or the Cultural Trail. They site the green roof on the parking garage of the Art Museum, but there are other green roofs in the works (3 Mass Ave, Chatham Center,...
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