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East Market Street

In a positive development, the ramp that connected East Market Street with the Interstate has been mostly removed. I am quite excited about the prospects for this portion of Market Street, and I think it was a brilliant idea to open this space up.   The ramp to nowhere: There are some nice brick structures on this street that have been basically ignored for decades: The long view down Market: Great old house: Axis is probably pretty happy about the prospects of designing new projects in its own back yard: The Maxwell, shot from behind some lovely razor wire and a substation: These places can now...
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St. Joseph and Old Northside

Last Friday, my friend from Veggie Indy and I went to tour the St. Joseph and Old Northside Neighborhoods.  He took some videos and we discussed a future video blog for this site.  For now, here are my pictures: Alabama Street is famous for its row houses, which shows just how few row houses there are in Indianapolis.  It has only 2 proper historic row houses. Row House Number 1:Ya, it was this kind of day: I’ve always loved this house: Row House #2: New condo construction: The Ruschmann building: Come back, Corner Coffee!This building may be a row house; it follows along 11th street...
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Pre-Holiday inspiration

It’s the Holiday season, the perfect time for some high-concept inspiration. Have a great Christmas. I may post next week, but if I don’t, then have a fantastic New Year as well.
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Envision Group to Focus on Broad Ripple

The Broad Ripple Gazette has printed an article regarding a possible reconfiguration of Broad Ripple Avenue towards a more pedestrian friendly environment. The renderings are available here. There were two companies that made presentations: Storrow Kinsella, and Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf. Here are my amateur impressions: It seems like the first rendering by BDMD is based on realistic locations, while the SK rendering is more of a concept. I love the word pergola. Each plan would remove some parking spaces from the Avenue. It looks as though at least one of the plans would also include a...
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Committee Organization to revitalize near East Side

This isn’t really news, but I do feel like it deserves its own post here. This may be the best part about the Super Bowl coming to Indy in 2012. As this blog has mentioned before, East 10th Street has a great deal of potential as a business corridor. The Community Center has a new Deli, Reutz’s, a former Fountain Square mainstay. I’ve also seen that a building for the Food Co-op has been secured, although I’m not sure if it would be on 10th. The Super Bowl should also provide incentive for us to greatly improve our mass transit, but unfortunately I have not seen any positive...
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