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The Obligatory Vote Post

It’s Election Day. I’m sure that the people who read this blog are well aware of this fact, but I have to say it anyways. Exercise your right. The future of the city is at your hands. Also, a reminder that tomorrow evening is the meeting of the IHPC for approval of the Chatham Center project. I wish Mr. Jones success as this project embodies much of what the Urban Indy blog is all about: affordable downtown housing, green roof, mixed-use, internal bike storage.
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Chatham Center Update

The Chatham Center Project, which I’ve blogged about twice, is up for approval at the IHPC next Wednesday. I’m planning on attending the meeting. I have been sent a letter by the developer of Chatham Center that he would like to share: Dear Urban Indy Readers, Over the last several months I have been working on obtaining the approval of the Indianapolis Historical Preservation Commission (IHPC) for the final renovation of the former Riley Area Nursing Home in to a Mixed-Use Apartment and Commercial Project. This building is currently known as the Chatham Center, 901 N East Street. ...
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