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Mid-Rise Green Building Planned

Ratio Architects have unveiled plans for a mixed-use building across the street from the Slippery Noodle on Meridian, called Ralston Square. Some of the features include: 150 room hotel 60 condos 41,000 sq ft of retail space The first mid-rise in the city with LEED-certification A curved north face to mesh with the railroad tracks Green roof As usual I have reservations with the large above-ground parking garage, but at least there is more than just parking above the first level, which is something that may be unique to this project in the city. The full story is available at the Indianapolis...
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Photo Blog: Fletcher Place

I finally used up the last of my traditional film. The quality isn’t stellar, and I took these shots too early in the day, but it was a first try. Hopefully I can get better and start using a digital camera. Anyways, I love Fletcher Place. This is just a small sample of the quality historic architecture in the neighborhood. First, the old bank on the left has been converted to the International Tea and Coffee. Nice spot: Next, I move across Virginia Avenue. I’m a sucker for bay windows with flower boxes” I’m not sure what to think of this newer development, but at least...
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