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New Businesses Popping Up

It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur in Indy. In the last few months, the Mass Ave, Fountain Square, and Fletcher Place neighborhoods have welcomed new businesses, and the openings keep coming. Here’s a short list of places that I’m familiar with: Chatham Tap, 719 Mass Ave. A British-style pub. Arts a Poppin, 653 Mass Ave. Art and craft shop. 2 more businesses on Mass Ave are yet to open, one a furniture place called Euroloft, another a designer clothing store in the new Beilouny building. International Tea & Coffee, at the corner of Virginia and College. Cognizant...
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Randomly Miscellaneous

A few links for a Friday. A study of the proliferation of parking lots in Tippecanoe county, which can be probably be applied to any county in the state. I wish the results were more surprising. What’s most obvious answer to this problem? Well, bigger cars, of course! Carfree Times was published.
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Traveling with one eye on the past, one on the future.

I’ll have to come clean and mention that I just participated in one of the luxuries that will become more difficult in the near future: pleasure travel. And this wasn’t just any vacation, it was 2 weeks in western Turkey. I did come away with an appreciation for living locally there. They eat the food that’s in season. They don’t eat much that’s grown outside of the country. Unfortunately, it seems the highest percentage of people that live locally and sustainably are also the poorest. The rural villages where little has changed for centuries (maybe even millennia)...
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