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Urban Times Newsletter

The latest edition of Urban Times has a number of valuable articles dealing with sustainability issues. All 3 of the articles up on the web (in pdf form) have a green tint: The latest renderings of the Cultural Trail. Mentioned in the article is the transformation to parallel parking spaces along the 800 block of Mass Ave, thus eliminating many little-used spaces. An effort to raise funds to add recycling containers to Mass Ave. A food co-op is in the works on the Near East Side. Unfortunately, the article that made the most impression on me is not available on the web. It was the message sent by...
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MPO Transit Meeting

The Metropolitan Planning Organizatation held one of their 6 Public Forums last night on North Keystone Avenue. I attended and was quite surprised with the amount of backlash against the rapid transit study by a few citizens that attended. I feel that the backlash was partially tied to the general outrage against recent tax increases, as well as fear for what the transit will do to their neighborhoods. I can appreciate their concerns. It is something to keep in mind when dealing with development. Even though I think transit will have a positive impact on the neighborhoods around it, it will...
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Update on Chatham Center Project

Back in June I posted about the Chatham Center project. The developer of the Project, Larry Jones has been gracious enough to share updated renderings and information with me for posting on this site. Here’s the main excerpt from the e-mail: A friend sent me the link to your blog and your article on the Chatham Center. I’ve added it to my list of sites I check on a regular basis. Good information is just as important as developable land, financing and a functioning government when it comes to redeveloping urban areas. It is unfortunate that the “functioning government”...
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Stuff I Learned Last Night

Last night there was a meeting at the building site for the Casa Verde house in the 2100 block of Park Avenue. I met with the Indianapolis Urban Sustainability Meet-Up group set up by the real estate agent of the project, Joe Shoemaker. Joe showed us around the project and explained the details. This house will look relatively normal from the street. They did this to destroy the myth that “green” has to look weird. They bought 2 parcels, and applied for 3 building permits so they could add density to the project. The construction equipment runs on diesel fuel. This house will be so...
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From the IBJ

There have been a number of green-related topics in the Indianapolis Business Journal recently. This article highlights the potential for renewable energy in Indiana, especially wind. Conservation Easements can be beneficial for preserving land, and can even reap tax deductions. Empty houses in the suburbs are sadly commonplace. The struggle some businesses face when attempting to go...
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