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What Makes a Great Neighborhood

Development news is a bit slow right now, so this will be a bit of a free-for-all. What do you look for in a great place to visit or live? Here’s my list: – It’s walkable, and bicycling is encouraged– A grocery store with a decent organic section– Good local coffee shops– Friendly people– Good local and ethnic eateries– Trees and parks– Atmospheric bars– Decent public transportation– Encourages the arts and forward-thinking design There are obviously many more than this short list, but as a design geek that tends to obsess about what...
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High Speed Rail

The Star’s article this morning woke me from my post-holiday doldrums better than my cup of coffee. I learned about high-speed rail last year, and thought it sounded too good to be true. But there has been progress on this issue. A bill is pending in Congess for funding. Here’s the mandatory block-quote: A bill pending in Congress would provide millions of dollars to Indiana and other states to improve high-speed train service. The Senate Commerce Committee unanimously approved the bill in April; it now heads to the Senate floor for debate, quite possibly by the end of July, prior to...
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