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Avon Gathering Alternative Ideas for US 36

The picture above is obviously not Avon (note the hill), but the built environment doesn’t look much different. US 36 is basically the only option for a person driving from Danville to Indianapolis, and it might be the best (worst?) example of unplanned sprawl in the metro area. This article in the Star mentions that the town is gathering ideas for alternative options for US 36. One can sense a backlash against sprawl in the article: AVON — Town officials, business owners and residents said Wednesday they hope to avoid a future of heavy traffic, busy signage and sterile strip mall...
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Can Mixed-Use and Residential Co-exist?

The title of this post seems to answer its own question with a resounding “YES”; however, there are neighborhood organizations that aren’t so sure. The owner of the building pictured above wants to convert it into a two-story multi-use, with a green roof to boot. Sounds like another asset to downtown. So, when does construction start? Not so fast. According to the latest issue of Urban Times (which is on newsstands and includes the attractive plan for the building), the Chatham Arch Neighborhood Association has reservations about the plan, especially because the building is...
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Town of Speedway Making Grand Plans

The Town of Speedway has released a vision for its future that is quite ambitious. The idea is to make the town a destination for racing fans. Personally, I’m not a racing fan, but I do like the design for the most part. The first of two simulation videos now on the front page of the Star displays a quite attractive Main Street lined with multi-story buildings. The second is a simulation of how traffic moves in the roundabout. I’m a bit discouraged that they didn’t include pedestrians in this display, but at least the article explains that they won’t be forgotten in these...
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MPO Entering Next Phase of Rapid Transit Study

A free kick-off event for the next phase of the Rapid Transit Study will be held at the Convention Center in 2 weeks. Let’s see…light rail, expert keynote speaker, and free. I think I can make...
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The ever-present myth of widening roads

A drive down 82nd street in Castleton during rush hour is an exercise in futility. Bumper-to-bumper traffic. Lights at every major and mid-major intersection. One could probably walk (or maybe jog) from Allisonville road to I-69 faster than drive it. And what is the constant refrain from people frustrated with this set-up? The road isn’t wide enough to handle the traffic. Compare this area to Broad Ripple Avenue. A popular nightspot that attracts a good number of people, especially at night. It is 3 lanes wide, with a turn lane in the middle. Why doesn’t it get as congested as...
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